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Keeping pets.

Happy paws started working as a pet boarding house, so we kept the primary activity through further work. Pets are staying in air-conditioned rooms designed exclusively for their needs, with regular visits to veterinarians as well as a playground for them only, staff is present for 24 hours. Actualu , the girls who work and maintain a boarding house live in the same house as with their own and with the pets entrusted with the care.

Transportation of pets

Considering that Montenegro is a country in which a part of people still believe that animals are behind the yard and chain, it is also very difficult to find a taxi service or someone who would take you with your furry friend or a wild animal to a veterinarian or some other destination. Happy paws also introduced the transport of pets in the vehicle, which is also equipped to make them comfortable, also to the owner.

Visit a veterinarian

Happy paws have enjoyed a great relationship with most of the veterinary clinics in Podgorica through numerous cases of saved pets, and therefore, in our boarding house, the pets were provided with visits to the veterinarians on a weekly basis. Also, if there is an emergency, veterinarians with whom we cooperate always come out to meet or contactvaterinarian on duty.

Grooming salon

In order for our pets to be happy, it is necessary to be healthy and clean. Long-haired dogs are wrinkled, with no tangles, which can make a bigger problem with growing in the skin, nails shortened, tears removed, length of hair adapted to the weather. Our salon also performs the services of fixing free-riding animals from the shelter also works independent and with pets who has owners.

Address: Ulica Balšića 46
Contact: +382 67/805-181


Organizing educational workshops to overcome the fear of children, and parents understand that animals are harmless if you treat them properly. Educating the owners about nutrition, socialization, and all other problems we know about the solution.