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About us

About us

A young organization that deals both taking care of pets and help street animals. In order to raise the awareness of citizens and citizens of our country and even more, we move from small housework to a large board. Happy paws started working 2015. Beginning in a small house with only one dog, we spread out at the available 300 square meters and brought in more lucky pets and find them home all around the world, some of their stories can be read.

Soon this area becomes small, so the project is spreading to 10,000 square meters, on the countryside of Podgorica, more precisely in the village of Steke, 7 kilometers from the city, then we are creating this site, in order to find them homes quicker and to get the help of more people, as well as educating young people and through workshops approaching children and show them that pets are indeed the peoples best friends.



Marija is the oldest, a medical worker who mostly cleanses wounds, overcomes and applies therapies, injured animals.


Tijana middle in the team, animator, pet nursery, in charge of meals and treats, the game and enough activity to tired and happy at the end of the day sleep.


Nevena, the youngest, professional groomer, graduated from Sasa Riso Academy in Belgrade.


Professional driver.